Let's Build God's Church

People gathered around at Oasis Church

Open House

Our mission at Oasis Church is to help people see Jesus more clearly. We have been invited to be a part of the story God is writing and our role is to serve others. Serving is our calling. When you join us at Open House, you will learn more about Oasis, our mission, and the purpose and role God has for you.

Two men on Parking Team at Oasis ChurchA Place of Hope

Serve Team

Connect to the opportunities at Oasis Church to live out your purpose and use your gifts serving others. We believe that serving is our calling, and so whether you are serving on a Sunday or throughout the week, there's a serve team for you. Let's build God's church together!

Group of women sitting on couch.


Community is our lifestyle. We have been designed for community and relationships. At Oasis, we don’t do life alone. When you join a Group you grow a wider community and a deeper relationship with Jesus. And, Groups are really fun!

People gathered around at Oasis Church